Requesting Your Help

Creating a handwriting font. Photo and handwriting © Anne M. Gaal; All rights reserved.

Hello! Today I would like to start by thanking you for stopping by and being one of my blog readers. You are the best! Thank you! ♥

I am currently in the process of planning for the coming year, and I would love your input. I am trying to decide on my overall theme for the year. I know that I will be coaching in 2014! But I’m also trying to pick and choose between several other projects that I’m considering. Of course, I’d love to do them all, but that isn’t realistic!

So I’d like to ask you for your feedback and input!

What would you like to see from me in 2014?

What would you like more of?
What would you like to see me do differently?

Which of these products would you be likely to purchase?

  • Having your own handwriting made into a font that you can use on your computer such as for letters or in digital scrapbooking
  • Cling-mounted red rubber stamps designed by me
  • A class on dealing with Shadow Emotions such as anger, jealousy, resistance, or fear
  • A CD or downloadable MP3 with guided meditations or affirmations
  • A way to list YOUR art, creativity, or spirit classes online to others in a one-stop shopping place for creative spirits from all over the web

Please take a few moments today to leave me a comment – even if you don’t normally. I would love to hear from you! ♥

5 thoughts on “Requesting Your Help

  1. Lisa

    I think it would be awesome to have a guided meditation from you! You’ve got an awesome voice for doing that sort of thing, very calming and clear. Of course you’d have to either do it before your sinus surgery or waaaay after, LOL.

  2. Monica

    Hi Anne
    Oh so sweet of you to involve your followers. So sorry I’m not the right one to give you any advice. I think all the things you mentioned sound terrific. Always hard to limit oneself when creativity knocks….lol
    Hugs from SPAIN

  3. Teresa R

    I’d like to see more of you using your Cling-mounted red rubber stamps in your art, because seeing different ways to use the stamps would encourage me to buy them

  4. Cindi

    Cling mount stamps? I didn’t know you made them … I guess I haven’t been following very closely!

    I wish I could have the handwriting back that I used to have! If I discover it, maybe I should quick have a font made before I lose it again!

  5. mary

    in order of preference knowing that you will most likely do at least 2 of these

    1 instructional class on the way to list all over the web..

    2 class on shadow emotions

    3 sale or a class? but …handwriting made into a font for computer use
    I think that sounds quite intriguing !

    whatever you decide will be ever so instructional and interesting! (I know from past experience!)

Please leave me a comment! ♥

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